Auto Insurance Coverage Verification

Enter the USAA number to retrieve verification of auto insurance coverage.

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USAA Number
Up to 9 Numbers. For example, if the policy number is "12345 67 89U 7101 7", the USAA number is 123456789.
Last 4 Characters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
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If the USAA number and/or Vehicle Identification number is not available, please contact your customer.

Sending Documents

To send documents pertaining to current auto and property holders,
mail them to the following address:

	P.O. Box 659464
	San Antonio, TX 78265

Documents can also be sent via fax (888-900-5381)

For Technical Assistance, call (877) 632-3002,
and request Website Customer Support

Making Payments

Send checks payable to "USAA P&C" to the following address:

	9800 Fredericksburg Road
	San Antonio, TX 78288